About Us
The story about Schenry
Our vision
We believe that by feeding from the roots with the help of nature empowered by science, we can change our body, mind, and spirit from the inside out. Our team is confident that the unique formulation of our products uses the highest standards in the industry. Applied with our values for quality, sustainability, and uncompromising approach for performance, we strive to build a higher quality of life not only to you but also to the environment. We have high standards for our ingredients, formulations, and design, but even higher standards to uphold our values. We aspire to provide knowledge with transparency through our platform to consumers to deliver the power of choosing the best fit for each individuals’ needs.
Our story
Schenry is a Canadian based company created from our founder’s desire to bring health, fitness, and beauty naturally from within, with the help of leading bio-technology from our families to yours. To strive for naturally-derived clean products that work. We should not have to choose between natural products and products that work.
Our founder with his background in Traditional Chinese Medicine has a vast knowledge of natural herbal medicine, dietary therapy, and body anatomy. Together with our Chief Scientific Officer, who brings many years of experience, we seek to combine traditional elements with modern technology to bring you credible and reliable options.
The three pillars engraved in Schenry embodies our foundation — each of the lines of our letter “E” represents the body, mind, and spirit. The nourishment of our bodies through the enlightenment of our minds allows our spirit to be restored. We seek to share our passion and knowledge to you as we strive toward a higher quality of life. Let’s start by feeding from the roots.